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The 4.500 acre Athi River Smart Green City project is located 10 Kilometers from the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, alongside the Nairobi – Mombasa Highway. The development will be home to a self-contained community including Commercial, Offices, Retail spaces, Restaurants, Hotels & a Green Resort, Golf Course, Schools, University, Community Centers, Hospitals, Sports, Leisure, and Entertainment facilities in addition to over 4000 residential units.

The project principals, Kenya’s Jetblack Group (Jetblack Energy), have planned the Smart Green City to be a pollution-free environment where the entire city’s energy production will be done through a Waste Power Plant. Waste from Machakos County and the Athi River Project will be processed through the  Plant’s 4 Reactors to produce over 576MW in 24 hours with Zero Emissions. The projected volumes will be achieved by processing 400 tons of solid waste.

The public transport within the development will run exclusively on electric, hybrid and the Waste Power Plant produced Biogas. Residents will be issued special permits for conventionally powered vehicles upon fulfillment of emission regulations.

In addition to the City’s Green infrastructure, urban planning is being done to adhere to post-pandemic requirements and social variations.