One With The Environment

  • A True Smart Green City
  • Pollution Free Environment
  • Zero Emission Waste utilization for Energy that Powers the Community
  • Waste to Power Plant to Produce 576MW in 24 hours with ZERO – EMISSIONS
  • 400 Tons of Waste Athi-River City and Machakos County waste to be processed everyday
  • Green Production of  by-products like Steam for housing pre-fab panel manufacturing, and Air Condition for the Community’s Hospitals, Schools, Universities and Public buildings.
  • Other by products, like Zinc concentrate, Metals, Synthesis gas, Hydrogen, Methanol, Ammonia, Sulphur. Pure water, Salt and Slag will also be extracted.

Recycling 101

  • A Fleet of trucks will be employed to collect  waste from across the City and Machakos County
  • A GPS aided  Smart Device will indicate Waste Container is ready for collection to make the process more efficient
  • All Waste Trucks will run on Biogas from the Waste Treatment Plant.

A Complete Urbanized Concept

  • Urban High Street Shops
  • Home builder Markets / Media Market
  • Amusement Park and Water Park
  • Multiplex Cinema
  • Sport Stadium and Training Center
  • Professional Training Academies

Fueled by The Environment

  • Clean and purified drinking quality water from a centralized supply plant
  • The main water supply of the City is from deep Wells and from an on-property dam
  • Solid waste will be used to generate Biogas and Fertilizer for plantation
  • The same Biogas will be used for intercity public transport and Waste Trucks.

Controlling the Carbon Footprint

  • All Public Transport in this City is designed to be 100% environment friendly, no Matatus and BodaBoda motor bike riders are allowed unless if they are Hybrid or Electric powered
  • With the GreenGarage Carports, residents can recharge their Electric vehicles
  • Residents with special permits will be allowed to drive conventional powered vehicles should they fulfill the City’s Emission Regulations

Energy Efficient Design

  • Energy efficient and sustainable Pre-Fab Housing Design
  • The Structure Insulated Building System is on the world market for over 40 years, and gets used in Hot / Cold climate countries where the high insulating structure Walls / Roofs can show their full potential in energy savings. In Cold areas it will keep the houses warm and in Hot areas it keeps it cool inside without the use of Air Conditioning
  • The System is hurricane approved up the 175 Mil / hour, Earth quake approved to Scale 6, Termites and other small insect resistant
  • The efficient design will allow the structure of the House of 3 bedrooms to be built with a Crew of 4 people in 1 day. Incl. finishing in 2-4 weeks

Inclusive Community

  1. Middle Range Housing
  2. Upscale Residences
  3. Multi Story Projects

A Complete Township

  • Kindergarden
  • Junior Schools
  • High Schools
  • University for Sports, IT, Technical, Science.
  • Polyclinic.
  • Police / Fire / Rescue Departments
  • Community Administration / Services

Built with The Future in Mind